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2017 China Top 500 Universities Released, STDU Ranked 149th


Recently, 2017 Best Chinese Universities Ranking has officially been published.  The ranking showed China's top 500 comprehensive universities, and STDU ranked 149th.

According to List of Chinese Regular Colleges and Universities announced by the Ministry of Education of China on May 21st, 2015, there were 1216 undergraduate universities which included 793 public universities, 140 private universities, and 283 independent colleges.  Based on the list, Best Chinese Universities Ranking built an evaluation system to assess the universities using 9 indicators.  More specifically,  freshman's university entrance exam result and graduates employment rate were the 2 talent cultivation indicators; publications quantity, publications quality, highly cited papers, and highly cited scholars were the 4 scientific research indicators; 2 social services indicators were enterprise scientific research and income from technology transfer.  And this year, another indicator was introduced to represent students internationalization, which was the ratio of international students.  From the weight of each index, it is clear that the evaluation team values more in university's talent cultivation and scientific research aspects, especially matriculate quality.

Dr. Cheng Ying, who is responsible for the ranking program, pointed out,Best Chinese Universities Ranking's index selection aims to reflect the collective judgment towards universities among their service objects, such as students, employers, scholars, businesses and etc., thus the ranking's unique value as a third party market evaluation is fully expressed.

Best Chinese Universities Ranking is released by ShanghaiRanking Consultancy every year.  Professor Liu Niancai, who is the dean of Graduate School of Education at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, believes that the remarkable advantage of this ranking compared with others is to reveal original data, which enabled the ranking to be completely transparent, and enhanced the reference value of the ranking result.